Why do we need to teach our children the Quran?

Benefits Of The Holy Quran for Children.
May 4, 2014

Why do we need to teach our children the Quran?

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Some Muslims may not understand the answer; therefore, we make it apparent to you in the Online Quran Campus. We are aware that kids are pure-hearted. Their heads are free of the difficulties of our Duniah, such as eating, work, the future, and bills. Memorization of anything from a young age is more straightforward, more comfortable, and faster. As they say, "Forgetting a memory in teenagers is like devoting the drawings onto the rock," since the memories from the first years of their life would be the very first and most significant memories.

Today, let's inform you why we ought to create our kids look after the Holy Quran, to know it, recall it, utilize it, and make it their buddy.

1. A cure for bodily and mental ailments.
2. The Holy Quran includes the directions from Allah describing how we ought to live within this Dunia.
3. The Holy Quran helps us know what occurred before, what is happening today, and what's going to happen in the long run Inshallah.
4. The man or woman who will not be a friend of the Quran will be a pal of erroneous deeds.
5. The Holy Quran has got the answer to all issues.
6. The Holy Quran is the only book that describes it alone and does not require anybody to describe it.
7. The Holy Quran is the only style that requires you and your children to heaven (Jannah).
8. Countless pupils complete the Holy Quran in their heads and hearts.
9. The Holy Quran is your best priority of scientific study and talks of intellectuals and experts in each jurisdiction.
10. If you recite the sacred Quran, the angels fulfill you around.
11. The men and women who read the Quran are those of Allah.
12. Someone who memorizes that the Quran is going to be crowned in heaven.
13. The Holy Quran has the simplest means to get Hasanat with no laborious work.

There won’t be an end to discussing the benefits of Quran. In the next article Inshallah we will take point by point and make it clearer.

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