How to Read Quran fast & easy Online with us?

What is Tajweed and why Tajweed is so important?
May 3, 2014

How to Read Quran fast & easy Online with us?

Learning Quran is essential as it is the direct word of Allah and reflects on its significance to put it into practice.

It’s one of the best virtues that exist, and therefore Allah will boost your advice, honor, and understanding.

The Quran is a book full of blessings and light!

Do not worry if you do not understand Arabic yet; Allah has promised to make it easy for you:

“We’ve facilitated the Quran so that it can serve as a warning” (54:17, interpretation of the meaning)

Exciting Topic: The Benefits of Speaking Arabic

While you are attempting to learn the Quran so you can recite its verses in your prayers, instead, you may use words of praise until you feel more secure, if Allah wills.

In every position throughout the prayer, you can say in Arabic “Subhaanallah” (Glorified be Allah), “Alhamdulillah” (praise be to Allah), “Laa ilaha illa Allah” (there is nothing and no one who deserves to be worshiped except Allah).

“Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billah” (there is no power or strength except in Allah). Here you can hear these words that we just mentioned.

You may even say words of praise on your language when you’re learning.

Allah made this faith easy for us and not to overload us. Take it easy, and Allah will make things easier for you provided that you intend to learn and improve.

Ask Allah to help you and keep a real intention to learn Arabic and the Quran.

First, you need to learn and memorize the Arabic words we use in prayer to praise and glorify Allah, the greatest.

The most significant part of the Koran that you should learn now is surat ul Fatiha, that’s the opening chapter.

You must strive to pronounce it correctly and perfect it before moving on to another chapter (surah).

You should try and learn it from someone who can teach you its proper pronunciation.

Additionally, it will allow you to listen several times to somebody who recites it gradually.

In precisely the same way, try everything you can to understand its meaning; what does it mean “Praises are for Allah”?

Or “The Most Merciful”? , so that if you read the Quran, you can understand it.

Additionally, reading it, your reverence increases before Allah, the Mighty One.

After al-Fatiha, you should begin learning and memorize different chapters.

You may read the interpretation of the significance of the holy Quran with us.

You may memorize Quran online with the aid of Online Quran Campus..

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