Benefits Of The Holy Quran for Children.

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May 3, 2014
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May 5, 2014

Benefits Of The Holy Quran for Children.

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Parents must educate their kids during their early childhood years.

This is when the child looks up to his parents, and they can easily direct him due to his real attachment to them. This is also when the child’s memory is powerful, and his head is pure. The child is emotionally prepared to get and memorize whatever knowledge he is taught. As an old saying says, “Memorizing while young is like carving into a stone.” That that is carved into a rock cannot easily be eliminated; instead, it stays as the year’s pass.

Likewise, memorizing one who memorized in his younger years will stay healthy for a long time, mostly if a consistent and structured review supports it. Memorization of the Qur’an and studying its proper recitation during one’s youth is a lucky and successful method that was practiced by the Pious Predecessors of this ummah.

Al-Waleed ibn Muslim said, “When we had to sit in al-Awzaa’ee’s circle and he’d see a fresh young boy , he’d inquire, did you memorize the Qur’an?’ If he said’Yes’,” al-Awzaa’ee would say,’Then read in the following verse

When he said,’No’,” al-Awzaa’ee would inform him,’Go and memorize the Qur’an first before you seek knowledge.”

Our Pious Predecessors who memorized the Qur’an at a young age are too many to count. Imam Ibn al-Jazaree”’ (may Allah have mercy on him), among the leading scholars of Qur’an, described among these Fantastic scholars as follows:

“He’s Zayd ibn al-Hasan ibn Zayd, the scholar, Taajud-Deen, Abu al-Yumn AL Kindee AI-Baghdaadee. He was a merchant, a scholar and teacher of Qur’an, a grammarian, a linguist, a scholar of eloquence, and a Hancifee.

He dwelt in Damascus and was born in Baghdad in the month of Sha’baan, 520 AH. He completed memorizing the entire Qur’an through oral repeat, under the guidance of al-Khayyaar’s grandchild, at around the age of seven, which can be unique.

Even more astonishing is the fact that he completed the study of the ten modes of recitation of the Qur’an when he was just ten. It is not known that anyone before him could achieve this task at such a young age.

Yet more impressive is that he lived a long life and had the shortest series of narration in the Qur’an and hadeeth. He dwelt after memorizing the ten modes of recitation for another eighty-three years. We do not know of this happening to anybody from the history of Islam.” [Ghaayat an-Nihaayah, vol 1, p 297]

This excellent present (of memorizing the Qur’an in youth ) was passed down from generation to generation as an honor from Allah to this blessed ummah. We witnessed kids, including non-Arabic speakers, who memorized the whole Qur’an by the age of ten, and our purpose in finding out the Quran online. This is a good bounty from Allah, which He bestows upon whom He wills, and Allah is of fantastic reward.

In our opinion, the best age for your child to begin memorizing the Qur’an is, at the latest, three decades before puberty. This is because the closer the child is to the age of childbirth, the more his range of pursuits widens, which may then weaken his decision and desire to memorize the Qur’an.

If it is feasible for the child to begin memorizing at age five, then this could be perfect. This will help the child attain proper pronunciation from the very start of his research, and also we in the online Quran, teachers help them straightforwardly and excitingly.

His heart will also be full of mild when Allah’s words are the first words of knowledge that input his heart. We’re sure the greatness of this an incredible boon is apparent to smart readers just like you.

Before beginning with us online Quran learning, it’s imperative to persuade the child to study and memorize the Qur’an, so that he does so willingly and lovingly, without being forced.

It’s narrated that Ibraaheem an-Nakha’ee said regarding the Pious Predecessors, “They used to dislike instructing their kids until they could comprehend.” This is because the child may not be able to endure such a job, and he can get tired of it, and we solve this issue in online Quran teachers. He may wind up disrespecting the Qur’an without even realizing it. And Allah knows best.

Help your children find the path of light in their adult life by making them recite the Holy Quran. Check out Online Quran Courses for Kids to Learn More.

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