May 5, 2014
baby girl Reading Quran

Why do we need to teach our children the Quran?

A few Muslims might not know the answer, so at Online Quran Teachers, we make it clear for one and all. We know that children are pure-hearted
May 4, 2014

Benefits Of The Holy Quran for Children.

It is necessary that parents teach their children during their early childhood years.
May 3, 2014

What is Tajweed and why Tajweed is so important?

The word “Tajweed” means to improve, to do better. Tajweed of the Holy Quran is the knowledge and application of the rules of recitation, so the reading of the Quran is as recited by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon him).
May 2, 2014

How to Read Quran fast & easy Online with us?

Learning Quran is important since it is the direct word of Allah and reflect on its meaning with the intention of putting it into practice.
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